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         When Fletcher asked me if I wanted to join his barbershop quartet, I thought all my hope for high school popularity was gone. I couldn’t have been more wrong. The Key of H has been my family for the last three years, and each new adventure brings us closer to each other than before. Our journey has taken us across the country, performing in venues everywhere from Nashville to our bucolic hometown of Hanover. Along the way, we’ve learned about breath support, vocal resonance, and proper vowel matching. We’ve also learned about community, friendship, and the incredible connecting power of music on our quest to ‘ring the snot’ out of each and every chord we sing. We’re ever so grateful for everyone that has been there unfailingly to cheer us on; for every judge that said “you guys have...potential...”; and most of all for Dan Falcone and his incredible support, dedication, and commitment to our amelioration (also for one of the microphones we used to record this album). The Key of H has taken me for a wild ride over the last three years, and I wish my three best friends the best of luck as they move on to the next chapters in their lives. I only hope that they take the time to turn their ships around occasionally to sing a tag or two.

-- Isaac Jacobs (Bari)

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